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Giveaway Sponsors can be those who have some sort of prize or giveaway that they would like to run in a MOMnation led Facebook group. We welcome moms that have something they want to give to another or even our business mommas who want to be able to give back while connecting and furthering their business’s reach.

Important: Giveaways are more ideal for larger valued prizes valued over $50. If your donated prize is valued at $50 or less we’d ask that you run it as a Trivia Prize. Here’s the link to take you to the details and Trivia Sponsor Benefits:  Trivia Prize Sponsor.

Ideas for Giveaways

  • Gift Cards or Certificates (digital are easiest) 
  • Products or Services
  • Consultations or Sessions
  • Care Packages 
  • Event Tickets
  • Books, Movies, CD’s 

Please use this link to fill out the request:

Giveaway Sponsor Benefits

Here’s just some of the ways we strive to promote and showcase our business owning ‘Giveaway Sponsors’ throughout the month of their giveaway:

  • We share in-group postings relating to the giveaway and its sponsor. (We like our giveaways front and center in our featured/announcement section of the groups. Below we share with you “Our Reach Stats” where you can see where we are growth wise so far. )
  • We add the giveaway’s detailed posting or signup on our MOMnationAZ’s page. (Member’s subscribed to the page will be notified of the giveaway and be able to see the needed info for entry. This is an added measure to ensure our sponsors/giveaways are getting seen by as many of our members as possible!)  
  • We generate public postings to encourage further wide scale sharing. (This may include but is not limited to: Reels, Stories, and other marketing content through our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok… tagging your business or organization whenever possible!)
  • When possible we’ll promote and share vocally through our Podcasts and Live shows that are then shared/uploaded to our MOMnation Talk Radio channels and on our YouTube channel. MOMnation AZ’s What’s What Wednesday with Kate and Ash show is a weekly live show where we catch members up on all the things happening in relation to MOMnation AZ, including but not limited to giveaways and how to participate, plus events, charities, shows and so much more!
  • We even showcase the giveaways in our once a month newsletter as well!

If you’re curious how far our current reach is and want to take a look at our current media stats please do so here:
MOMnation® Our Reach Stats

If you want to see some of the media coverage we’ve gained from giveaways, events, charities and more… you can do so here:
MOMnation® In The Media

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