Ask the right questions to make 2020 a successful year

by: Kelly Bennett

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO MAKE 2020 A SUCCESSFUL YEAR: John C. Norcross, Distinguished Fellow at the University of Scranton, emphasizes the importance of visualizing your goals and to fully psyche yourself up for the task of taking action. But visualization is just the first step. If you don’t take action and begin to write down a plan to achieve specific goals, your vision will remain just that: a fantasy. Norcross’ book, Changeology, provides one of the best simple strategies for achieving goals. He’s famous for his research on who is the most successful when it comes to realizing New Year’s resolutions…so start planning 2020 by asking yourself these questions recommended by Norcross:

1. “What do I really want to achieve or change?” Norcross recommends that you take as long as necessary to answer this, even if it takes days or weeks.

2. “Am I ready to make the changes needed to pursue a new goal or behavior?” If not, find a smaller goal you feel ready to tackle. A series of small goal achievements will give you the confidence to take on larger ones.

3. “What will motivate me to take action?” You must have a clearly defined plan, with a clearly defined benefit.

4. “Is my desire stronger than my resistance?” If not, choose as your goal to take steps to undermine the resistance. Think about the consequences of not changing or reaching your goal.

5. “Do I feel emotionally excited by my goal?” An intellectual desire is not enough to become motivated.

6. “Is my desire really about me?” You are less likely to change or achieve goals if you are doing them to please someone else.

7. “Do I have a measurement tool to track my progress?” Charting your progress helps you to stay focused on your goal, and every positive step stimulates the motivation circuits in your brain.

TAKE MY “ACHIEVEMENT CHALLENGE:” Write down, in the comment box, one specific goal that you believe you can realistically achieve between now and a week from now. Then write down the main obstacle you’ll face, and then the strategy you’ll use to overcome that obstacle.

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Kelly Bennett


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