Best Coffee Shops in Arizona

If you’re a MOM you’re most likely also coffee obsessed! Our MOMs are too.  Sure, Starbucks is great (drive-through, hello!) but where can a MOM get away in Arizona to enjoy great coffee, and maybe even a… kid’s play area?  Here are our absolute MOM and pop fave coffee shops around Arizona.

Best Coffee Shops in Arizona



Peixoto: This shop operates on a supply of Brazilian beans direct from a family-run South American coffee farm.  We love supporting that!

Sozo: Sozo is a huge coffee shop in Chandler that has a stage with open mic nights and live music!  It’s also kid-friendly with a separate toy room for the littles.


Bergies: Aside from the cool downtown Gilbert location, we adore the little rustic cottage and the cute outdoor patio.

Sweetz Cold Brew: Cold brews and vegan-friendly foods here! We also love the layout and high-top bar with plugs for your laptop/phone.

The Coffee Shop: Located in Agritopia in an old, rustic barn… need we say more?


Cabin Coffee Cafe: We love the vibe here!! Friendly staff, cozy vibes, great coffee + a kids table.

Rayner’s Chocolate and Coffee Shop: It’s chocolate AND coffee 🙂


Jarrod’s Coffee & Tea Gallery: Coffee plus art equals a one of a kind experience in historic downtown Mesa.  

Volstead Public House: Vegan and adult beverage options at this old historic coffee shop located along the light rail.  We LOVE the exposed brick wall and the old wood floors.


The Velo (Roosevelt Row): It’s cyclist-friendly coffee shop! They even boost Sunday social rides and live music on First Fridays. Swoon! 

Where U Bean Coffee (Ahwatukee): Awesome decor and they make an amazing banana pudding!

The Teapot: One of the most family-friendly coffee shops that we’ve ever come across. Inside, there’s a children’s corner with toys and outside, large play structure, bikes, toys, umbrellas for shade. Teapot also has picnic tables and a big community table, making it even more MOM-friendly. We love it!


Maverick Coffee: Located just south of Shea, Maverick coffee has everything you need to get away and maybe even get some work done: big couches, incredible coffee, yummy pastries, and an ambiance that cannot be beat.

Sip Coffee and Beer House: Get your espresso or coffee infused with a little liquor. Sometimes, when you’re a MOM, there are days for this. 🙂


Cartel Coffee Lab: Dedicated to quality and integrity of coffee, this stuff is so good. The beans for every cup of coffee are ground and drip brewed as you order. It’s worth it, but maybe not so kid-friendly.

Gold Bar Espresso:  Great coffee and great pastries.  Sometimes there’s even live jazz!

Got a MOM and pop coffee shop that you love that wasn’t mentioned?  We’d love to know about it.  Please leave your recommendation in the comments!

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  • I’m a coffee addict. But a bunch of my favorite local coffee places weren’t listed. Like Gill’s grounds in Mesa. Amazing local DOUBLE drive thru coffee place ran by Chris Gill, a vet and an all around nice guy! He always knows my order and gives me a GIANT cookie for the kids. The coffee shop is in Agutopia area and right next to Joes BBQ farm. Adorable place,great coffee,and delicious food/desserts. (Random fact-They’re were on Cupcake wars twice.) Press coffee is in Chandler is really good. They have free refills of drip coffee and iced tea all day. AMAZING food (mostly breakfast) and very health/clean conscious. Talebu is in Chandler as well. It’s a wine AND coffee bar. It does have a drive thru (Although sometimes it’s quicker to run inside) Their food is pretty good as well. Third place cup coffee in queen creek is A Hidden gem for sure! It’s run by a local family that’s from Northern Ireland so the coffee is made alittle differently but SO good. They have a “Moms monday” deal were you get like 10% off of your drink and they have a small play area for the kiddos. Those are my top favorites that I go to most frequently. (Other than a couple already listed.)

    • Thank you for all of the great suggestions! I’ve been in a Starbucks rut, but now I’m really excited to try some other options.

      Crystal S
  • I love that there are so many small chain places in the valley

    Elizabeth shepard
  • I love the art at Jarrod’s! And the owners are super nice!

    Jen Duncan
  • My husband and I tried SoZo! We are in love! The vibe was great and the coffee tasted amazing! A plus is also the FREE kids play area!!

  • Another coffee shop in Scottsdale that is super cool and yummy is Cartel. I love it. Very hippie chic.

  • I am always looking for s great coffee place thanks for a great list

  • Who doesn’t like some good coffee!!! Yummy

    Christina Massaro
  • I love this blog, always looking for something different and helping mom and pop places makes it better. Def see a few here I want to get out and try!

  • I freakin’ love Jared’s coffee and Tea gallery in Mesa such a cool vibe. Not many cool coffee spots in SW chandler near kyrene and chandler blvd. Wish we had some in walking distance….

    Michelle Cavazos
  • I love Bergies!

  • Challenge accepted! Who wants to go with me?!

  • Love coffee! Can’t wait to try these places

    Brittany E

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